Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy:

“It is not about winning” It is not the end result but the process to becoming a better player with character and sportsmanship.

Set clear goals/objectives for athletes/players/participants to achieve

Instill Discipline

Building a bond wth athletes/players/participants

Systematic/Progressive training program for athletes/players/participants to achieve

Outcome for athletes/players/participants to develop:




What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching is to train & develop a player to achieve a goal. Benefits of coaching can improve the player morale, and help achieve his/her  goals.

From a complete beginner to a top professional, there are always new things to learn. 

Strong foundation basics of exceling in the game are very important:

Grip, Stance, Cue Action, Bridging, Sighting, Break Building, Timing & Shot Selection.

What will you learn from a coaching session?

 Each new session will start with a evaluation of the player current playing technique and standard of player’s ability. Back to basics, for the player new to coaching no matter what level of skill you have; you will be amazed at the number of professional players who improve their game by ironing out what they have overlooked or forgot.

Routines and practice are the way to go together to improve player’s “Confidence”, “Concentration”, “Focus”, “Precision”, “Character” and “Sportsmanship”.

That does not end for the session. Records and progession of the current player are kept so that players will be able to keep track of their current standard and progression in the game.